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Sicilian Original Pasta

One kind of wheat

Sicilian Organic Sauces

Organic and hand made

Sicilian canal Prawns/Shrimp

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on the way soon the Whole Shop

the whole shop will be open soon, for now get pleasure through our sughi box as well.

Salumi, Cheese, Preserves and many more

Ciao Sicily quality and check

The direct contact with producers allows CiaoSicily to offer high quality products at competitive prices. All of them coming from Sicily have an European Certification. The wide rage of goods consists of 100 Slowfood and about 70 organic products.Our PGI wines include small and medium wine cellars from all around Sicily. CiaoSicily is a Novoalta´s project, that is a world wide company recognized for exporting sicilian food products.The administrative office is placed in Berlin, but in the future we are going to have warehouses in 15 different north european countries.

CiaoSicily bietet hochwertige Produkte mit günstigen Preisen dank direktes Erzeugerkontakts an. Wir haben eine reiche Auswahl sizilianischer Produkten, die von europäischer Zertifizierung geschützt sind: 100 Slowfood und 70 biologische Produkte. Unsere IGP Weine stammen aus kleinen und größeren Kellern vom ganzen Sizilien. CiaoSicily ist ein Novoaltaproject, die eine anerkannte Firma auf der ganzen Welt für den Export der sizilianischen Produkten ist. Das Repräsentativburo ist in Berlin, aber demnächste werden wir ein Warenlager in 15 verschiedenen nordeuropäischen Ländern haben.

Our deal

Novoalta offers catalogs and a professional attitude: this is the only way to assure competitive prices to costumers. During our experience we get the experts support in order to take advantage of their awarness in food field: the best treatment, the best selection from good producers and the best delivery in high quality locations.

Novoalta.com bietet Ihren Kunden Katalogen und Professionalität an: auf diese Weise sind günstige Preise garantiert. Wir bekommten die Expertenstütze im Nahrungsbereich: die beste Lebensmittelbehandlung, die beste Erzeuger und die beste Lieferung in gewählten Standorten.

Groupage and delivery

Our groupage takes place in different italian areas and has always a controlled temperature. Frozen products stock in our refrigerating room in Berlin.

Unser groupage findet in zwei unterschiedlichen italienischen Gebieten statt und hat immer eine kontrollierte Temperatur. Die tiefgefrorene Produkte lagert in unserer Kühlraum in Berlin.

First year set up Berlin model only

Berlin was chosen as testing platform for Ciaosicily.

Berlin wurde als Testplattform für CiaoSicily gewählt .

"High quality food soon at your table"

24h we cover whole Germany and Netherlands

Ciao Sicily box

We offer several prepackaged boxes: in this way we assure products high in quality and low in price. To prove our quality, the customers can try the smaller box, helping also in the experience to approach the sicialian food.

Wir bieten Ihnen verschiedene Verpackungen an, so garantieren wir Ihnen hohe Qualität und günstigen Preis. Sie könnten die kleinere Verpackung kaufen, um unsere Qualität zu überprüfen. Das könnte sehr nützlich auch für die nicht erfahrene Kunden über sizilianische Lebensmittel sein.


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Our BOX and the several food we have, more than 400 products

Our food comes from the producer direct, we deal with 92 Sicilian producers, small and medium in size!

How does work the model

Please take a look the way you can order our food box and the vantages about the High quality food you will experience !

Healthy Food Direct From Sicilian producers

Finally in Germany fresh food and tasting amazing!!!

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food box direct your place, the only thing we need is your address and phone number!!!

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Varius food combination for all tastes!

Event and interesting stuff

Book one week in Sicily and learn how to cook special food!

  • Register for a Culinary adventure in Palermo/Sicily, you never forget that powerful experience!

Sicilian Food Academy

We create the "Academy of Food" in Sicily, Palermo, because we think Sicilian culture has something to share with the rest of the World in term of Food Heritage, therefore we decide to open the SFA in Palermo right behind one of the most suggestive Free Market of the whole mediterranean sea (Ballaro' market). Our main partner is Palazzo Brunaccini Hotel in Palermo, and the Restaurant attached to it. GTG www.grandtourglobe.com will arrange a special offer for bring in Palermo very food passionate people for one week long.

Hotel Palazzo Brunaccini Palermo is the Sicilian Food Academy location

Our master Chef are Sicilians an ready to share old cooking knowledge with other chefs coming from different cultures.
Check the program we have design for you to stay with us in Palermo one week long.
A refined and charming setting, a high-quality cuisine and a warm and skilled staff are the peculiarities that made “Brunaccini” Restaurant-bar where you can organize your dinners, aperitifs, banquets, exhibits while enjoying the flavours of the local cuisine re-interpreted in a modern way.

Ciao Sicily partner, Grand Tour Globe !